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Table studio is an international creative duo based in Milan, comprised by Saerom Suk and Filippo Faruffini.

Where ideas come to life through Art Direction, Photography, Film and Graphic Design. Our approach to design seek different perspective, exploring brilliant solution with an artistic point of view and it’s made in a powerful and playful way.

Let’s make something great together.

Art Direction
Branding & Identity
Content Creation
Animation & Motion Design
Visual Design
Web Design

Hey you, yeah you!

We want to remind yourself
 that you must constantly look at things
 in a different way.

Empty your mind,
 have a vision of the future but be focused and connected,
 always learning, fully aware
 and super present.

Make something unique,
 something magic, something that makes people say wow.

Everything is possible
 because if you think well you act well.

Stand upon your table!

You see,
 the world looks very different from up here.