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We Know Our Chickens

Client: Table Studio's project
Year: 2015

We Know Our Chickens is a Table Studio side project that is originated from the innate passion and curiosity that drive us in each and every creative endeavor.

The essence of this project is to discover the world through the exploration and the study of the history and the beauty of the culinary art and its vital components: the ingredients.

We Know Our Chickens is an English interpretation of the famous Italian proverb:

"Conosco i miei polli"

An expression indicates a deep and rooted knowledge of a person/situation that allows you to predict the future behavioural patterns or developments and to act accordingly.

We Know Our Chickens is an exploratory project that born with the intention of narrating the histories and the traditions of the many and various world civilisations, through the culinary art and, first and foremost, the examination of natural and artificial raw materials and ingredients.

Can you recognize an anchovy at the market? 

WKOC, a picture-based project, saw its first appearance on Instagram, a format that allows the user to visually enjoy the making of a recipe and the learn about the knowledge behind it. 


The project is custom-designed to create an experience on Instagram, thanks to the existence of cooking-related #hashtags. 

Each recipe, as well as the ingredients visual library and the video-recipes, has its own dedicate page.

The ingredients visual library is the soul of the project, it displays each and any ingredient in all its beauty and simplicity. Our goal is to create and share a world-wide visual library.

The project branding was built around the mixing of its elements and worked as a constant reminding of the core idea of WOKC. The logo, our project acronym, was created by combining different fonts mimicking the essence of culinary experience: the ingredients.

The styling is characterized by handwritten titles and writings which symbolize the hands-on approach typical of cooking.


Photography works as the binding element to give life to the project by representing every single element and the final product.